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Southeastern University undergraduate tuition and fees are the same for both in-person and online classes at SEU Ohio. 

Estimated Annual Tuition and Fees for 30 credit hours (2 semesters with practicum scholarship applied) to be paid to Southeastern University: $12,904


Living cost for students at Heartland Conference and Retreat Center (2 semesters): $6,400*

Total estimated cost for Annual Tuition, Fees, and Heartland Housing/Meals: $19,304. (Note: Financial aid available through Southeastern University)


   *Laundry and utilities included: internet, water, trash and electricity


Tuition: $495.00 per credit hour

Tuition covers the cost of your classes only; books and fees are additional. 


Please Note: the tuition rate for the MBA is $525 per credit hour. 


Technology Fee: $350.00

The technology fee covers the cost of facilitating online classes. This is a flat rate per year.

Think you can't afford a private, Christian education? Think again!

Financial Aid

In order to be considered for financial assistance, all Southeastern University students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (  Southeastern University’s FAFSA code is #001521.

Ohio Grants & Scholarships

Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG)

Some SEU Ohio students may qualify for the Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) through the FAFSA application. OCOG is available to qualified SEU students at the Ohio regional campus only. (You cannot receive OCOG through SEU if you are not enrolled through SEU Ohio.)  Qualifying students may receive up to $5,000 annually in addition to other grants and loans.

Ohio Second Chance Grant (SCG)

Ohio residents who disenrolled from college one to five years ago for financial reasons and who reenroll in college may qualify for the Ohio Second Chance Grant program. SCG is a one-time grant of $3,000 designed to ease the financial burden of returning to school to pursue an undergraduate degree. If you think you may qualify, talk with an SEU Ohio staff member to inquire. As an SEU student, you can only receive SCG if you are enrolling through the SEU Ohio regional campus. 

Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (ONGSP)

The  Ohio National Guard Scholarship covers 100% of tuition cost for Ohio Army and Air National Guard soldiers. Check with your unit commander to see if you are eligible for this scholarship. Southeastern University is approved by the state of Ohio to receive ONGSP funding for SEU Ohio students.

Ohio residents who do not enroll at SEU through the SEU Ohio campus

may miss out on the opportunities above.

Scholarship Opportunities

- From U.S. News and World Report

There is no limit to the number of private scholarships you can receive to pay for your college costs. To find scholarships for which you may qualify, it is helpful to use a scholarship search engine. Scholarship grantors typically send a check directly to the university's business office to be applied the recipient's account.


This U.S. News and World Report article lists and compares five top reputable scholarship search engines.  When deciding whether or not to apply for a scholarship that can be used at SEU Ohio, check the eligibility requirements and choose scholarships that can be used at a private university and on a regional campus.  Never pay an up-front fee to apply for a scholarship.  Instead, use these reputable search engines:

Scholarships below only available from SEU Ohio

Students who do not enroll at SEU through the SEU Ohio campus will miss out on these opportunities.

SEU Ohio Church Match Scholarship

Church Match Scholarship Application

This scholarship is for students going to college at the Ohio regional campus of Southeastern University. The SEU Ohio Regional Campus (SEU Ohio) will match a church scholarship one dollar for every three dollars given by the church up to $125 per semester (up to $250 per academic year), per student, if funding allows. For example, if a student receives a $750 yearly scholarship from the student’s home church, SEU Ohio will match the church scholarship with an additional $250, allowing the student to receive a total of $1,000 in scholarship support for the year. There is no limit on the amount a church may give toward an individual student’s scholarship; for example, a church scholarship gift of $2,000 per year for a student matched by SEU Ohio would give the student a $2,250 scholarship for the year.

Criteria and Application Deadline

All SEU Ohio students, includeing first-time students and transfer students, who are enrolled full-time (at least 12 hours per semester) are eligible to receive a Church Match scholarship. SEU Ohio will match church scholarships up to $250 from Assemblies of God churches as well as all other denominations.

To apply for a Match scholarship, the student must first apply for admission to the campus. It is preferable that the incoming student completes his or her Ohio Regional Campus application and the Southeastern University admission application for fall by June 1st.  The sponsoring church must submit the completed Church Match Scholarship Application with payment to SEU Ohio by June 30th for SEU Ohio to apply matching funds for the student. Church scholarship payments received by SEU Ohio after the June 30th deadline for the upcoming academic year will be applied to the student's account without an SEU Ohio match. Scholarship award and annual renewal criteria include acceptance as a student at Southeastern University and maintaining satisfactory academic progress as a full-time student.

All scholarships will be awarded in the form of a credit to the student’s SEU Ohio account and not in the form of a check to the student. 

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