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To figure out what it will cost to come to SEU Ohio, you don't need complicated formulas like the ones above. You just need your financial aid award information from SEU Student Financial Services and the calculator tools below. Note: Your financial aid award is based on your FAFSA application.

Keep in mind that tuition and fees are paid to Southeastern University each semester. Southeastern University does not operate Heartland Conference Retreat Center, therefore, SEU Ohio students who wish to live at Heartland will pay Heartland for their housing and meal plan each semester. 

Financial aid is available to qualified Southeastern University students, and students may use federal and private student loans and grants to cover their educational costs. Financial aid is received by Southeastern University each semester, and any remaining funds left over after SEU tuition and fees are paid is refunded to the student and can be used for college living expenses. Students who pay for the residential package out-of-pocket can pay Heartland up front or they can break up the semester cost into four monthly payments of up to $800 each semester.

Questions about financial aid? Contact Student Financial Services ( or your academic director.


Questions about housing and meal plan cost? Contact your SEU Ohio student life director. 

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