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Graduate Degrees

Southeastern University enrolls more than 10,000 full- and part-time students nationally. Since 2017, the Ohio Regional Campus has grown to over 90 students across 28 degree programs including eight graduate degrees.

Today the Ohio campus is one of the most diverse regional campuses in terms of degree programs. What a student gets isn't just an online program but also an opportunity to expand their network and engage beyond the program. 

Tuition rates vary by program. For cost, consult the table for Master's Tuition (2024-2025) here.

Master of Arts:

Ministerial Leadership

The Southeastern University MAML provides foundational biblical, theological, and practical training for those involved in or pursuing Christian service in diverse ministry contexts. The MAML is available online with an Ohio-based cohort.




The Southeastern University Master of Divinity degree provides a comprehensive level of understanding of the theological commitments and praxis of the church for the purpose of preparing students for ministry in professional settings. This includes, but is not limited to, pastoral work, missionary work, and chaplaincy in various fields.

Master of Arts:



The Southeastern University Master of Arts in Biblical Studies provides advanced academic learning in Old and New Testament topics for teaching, research, or ministry, and includes courses in an advanced biblical language (Greek or Hebrew). This degree is foundational for Pentecostal ministry and is excellent preparation for a PhD in Biblical Studies. Career opportunities include Bible teacher, religion writer/editor, church administrator, pastor, parachurch leader, missionary, and church planter.

Master of Arts:



This program provides a broad level of understanding of the systematic, historical, biblical, ethical, and practical theologies. Students will receive a strong foundation in various theologies and learn to interact critically with affirming and opposing theoretical constructs in the academic field of theology. Graduates will gain education for church ministry or for teaching at secondary academies or at an undergraduate college level in the field.




Executive Leadership is the default Master of Business Administration (MBA) track, providing executive leadership foundations in an array of business functions along with a six credit hour capstone course to build strategic planning skills across those functions.




The Master of Business Administration in Healthcare will provide students with an opportunity to improve their administration skills in a robust and rapidly growing industry. Healthcare professionals are expected to conduct their professional responsibilities with integrity, objectivity, and due professional care. Integrity is consistent with a Christian worldview and due professional care requires competency maintained through continuing education (learning).

Master of Science:

Pastoral Care

and Counseling

This program focuses on equipping those in ministry to help the hurting, distressed, and depressed people of our churches and beyond. You will learn biblical counseling and pastoral care skills to help individuals grow in their spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wholeness.

Master of Science:



The Master of Science in Professional Counseling is a 60-semester-hour degree that will academically prepare students to become licensed mental health counselors. Students will learn how to sensitively address the emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of hurting people, while maintaining a commitment to professional practice and service.

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