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Experiential Learning

Each year SEU Ohio partners with churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations to offer experiential learning opportunities (practicums) for students, helping them gain valuable training and practical experience in a variety of work settings. Each year, we recommend that students try a different experiential learning type and location to maximize their knowledge, networking, and the ability to land a job (their marketability) after graduation.

Below is a list of approved experiential learning locations and the opportunity(-ies) offered at each. Returning students and online students can use the list below to begin researching opportunities in their area. Be sure to click the "Read more" link for each location. Students can request up to three experiential learning locations using the bid form at the bottom of the page; the bid committee places students pending the availability of their requests. The bid list will be updated throughout summer and into fall. The deadline to make your bid is July 31. Note: New students are automatically placed in the SEU Ohio First-Semester Learning Experience. 

If your desired location is not listed below, please complete the Experiential Learning Request form.

Experiential Learning Locations

Adventure Church, Lewis Center, OH

Mission: To ENGAGE a culture living outside of God’s plan, to create a relevant environment where they can EXPERIENCE God & ENCOUNTER His grace, to EQUIP them to live to their full potential in Christ, and to EMPOWER them to fulfill the purpose He has created them for. Vision: Helping others discover new life in Christ! Values: Following God is Fun. (Adventure) Life is Better Together. (Life Groups) Everyone Can Reach Someone. (Invite) You Can't Outgive God. (Invest) Faith Requires Action. (Involvement) Opportunities: Event Planning: Contact Krista Daugherty Student Ministry: Contact Todd Nyerges

Back2Back Ministries, Mason, OH (with remote work opportunities)

Mission: Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization that is dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphans and impoverished children, by meeting their physical, spiritual, educational, social and emotional needs so that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty. Vision: We desire for every orphan and impoverished child to have the opportunity for success through “care for today and hope for tomorrow”. Our goal is that each child would experience restoration to a life of purpose in which they can become fulfilled and mature Christian adults. Values: Spiritual growth, Sustainability, People, and Like-minded Partnerships Opportunities: Instructional Design and Videography Contact: Katie Adams

Bridging the Gap Oregon, Happy Valley, OR (with remote work opportunities)

Mission: Meeting the needs of the most vulnerable through a collaborative effort among community partners. Vision: To bring the BTGHT mobile app to every region in the U.S. to help sexually exploited survivors and other vulnerable populations get the resources they need. Values: Collaboration, integrity, transparency and accountability, respect, justice, innovation, fun, training, compassion, humility, unity, and excellence. Opportunities: Research anti-trafficking coalitions and organizations in U.S. states Social Media for BTG, apps, and initiatives Both above include 20 hours of faith-based trauma-informed training Contact: Darlene Domenigoni

Christian Life Center, Dayton, OH

Mission: To know God, be His people, value others, and change our world. Vision: Building the CHURCH, changing our WORLD: A GOD-SIZED VISION for Christian Life Center. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in JERUSALEM, and in all JUDEA, and SAMARIA, and even to the UTTERMOST PARTS of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Values: Our “CORE FABRIC” values include community, maximizing our potential, relevance, excellence in ministry, faith, authenticity, becoming Christ-like, reconciliation, intimacy with God, and commission. Opportunities: Student Life (Youth Ministry) Contact: Rev. Chris Pinkston

Heartland Conference Retreat Center, Marengo, OH

Mission: To provide experiences for people of all ages to learn, grow, and encounter the love and presence of God. Purpose: To inspire others to change the world for the glory of God. Values: Christ-based ministry, honor, innovation, excellence, fulfillment, service, and team. Opportunities: Standard Internship (fall and spring) Standard Internship (summer) Business/Finance Digital Media Education Leadership Contact: Emily Cloughly

Heartbeat International, Columbus, OH

Mission: To Reach and Rescue as many lives as possible around the world through an effective network of life-affirming pregnancy help to Renew communities for LIFE. Vision: A world where every new life is welcomed and children are nurtured within strong families, according to God’s Plan, so that abortion is unthinkable. Values: We are a non-profit, interdenominational Christian association of pregnancy help organizations (PHO’s) – including pregnancy resource centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and non-profit adoption agencies – endorsed by Christian leaders worldwide. HBI is not based on a ministry model or business model of operation. HBI is based on a scriptural model of operation, as evidenced in HBI’s mission, vision, and Christian core operational values and core beliefs. Opportunities: Communications and Marketing: Contact Andrea Trudden and Betsy Wetherby Extended Web Services: Contact Lauren Bell and Betsy Wetherby International Support Team: Contact Ellen Foell and Betsy Wetherby

Home Church, Warren, OH

Mission: To proclaim the gospel Vision: To see people live in the fullness of Christ Values: To live holy lives, set apart for His glory and our good Opportunity: Discipleship and leading small group Contact: Kelly Hart

Hope Church, Plain City, OH

Mission: To radically reach, teach, nourish, and unleash this and future generations with the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Vision: To bring Hope, Wholeness, and Healing through Jesus Values: Word-Centered, Spirit-Dependent, Intentional Prayer, Worship as Lifestyle, Life Is Better Together, Have Fun, Community Transformation, Outreach, Discipleship, Intergenerational and Multi-cultural, Celebrate the Wins Opportunities: Worship Ministry Youth Ministry Contact: Rev. Dr. James Garrett

International Friendships Inc., Columbus, OH

Mission: To extend life-changing hospitality and friendship with international students out of reverence to Jesus. Vision: God’s love extended globally in partnership with spiritually vibrant international students. Values: Intimacy with Christ and Love for One Another, Life Involvement Discipleship as a Process, Hospitality in Partnership with Churches, and God-honoring Stewardship Practices Opportunities: Communications and Digital Media Contact: Karlos Smith

LifeChange Church, Lewis Center, OH

Mission: To love people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, which we define as LifeChange. LifeChange happens through authentic relationships and is the outward result of an inward change. Vision: We exist to create an opportunity for these relationships. We exist to love people to LifeChange. Values: Connect, Grow, Give, Replicate Opportunity: Next Steps Ministry Development: Discipleship Contact: Randy Potts

Lifepoint Church, Lewis Center, OH

Mission: To draw life from God and point others to Him. Values: Gospel Identity, Reaching Priority, Authentic Community, Spiritually Intimacy, Personal Ministry Opportunities: Worship Ministry: Contact Wesley Montgomery

Lima First Church, Lima, OH

Mission: Our mission is to make, deploy & multiply mature & equipped Christ followers. #LIVEONPURPOSE Vision: To establish a family environment–a loving, living community. To create & maintain a climate where God is honored, Christ is worshiped and the Holy Spirit has free reign. To offer and encourage spiritual growth. Values: Worship- His presence is our purpose. Generosity- you can’t out give God. Missions–Our God is global. Excellence: Excellence honors God and inspires people. Service: Faith in action: Serving our church, community and the world. Alignment: Everyone pushing in the same direction. Opportunities: Youth Ministry Kids Ministry Photography Production Worship Discipleship Contact: Pastor Darrell Bucher

The Meeting Place Learning Center, Cleveland, OH

Mission: To provide out of school experiences to promote spiritual, academic, social, and emotional growth in children and families. Vision: To mold students into well-rounded leaders. Values: Unapologetically faith based, uplifting the community, unique approaches to academic excellence. Opportunity: Education: work with kids in preschool and after-school programming Contact: Shelby McQuiller

Northwest Bible Church, Hilliard, OH

Mission: Our mission is to lead people to know Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him, then go serve and reach others. Vision: Our vision is to be a recognizable pillar of graciousness, faith, hope, and love for the Hilliard community. Values: Christ-centered teaching, authentic worship, helping people to be disciples, and making disciples Opportunities: Production: film and music. Worship Ministry: drummer, electric guitarist, acoustic guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, vocalist. Contact: Dr. Eugene Coetzer

Ohio Ministry Network: Father's Heart, Columbus, OH

Mission: Our mission is to equip churches to care for vulnerable children and families. Vision: Raise awareness around the needs of vulnerable children, help prevent children from going into foster care by supporting biological families at risk, recruit and resource foster and adoptive families, and create a support system for those caring for at-risk children. Values: Communication, Desperation, Honor, and Excellence Opportunities: Non-Profit Leadership and Pastoral Care Contact Rev. Paris Yanno

Ohio Ministry Network: Missions, Columbus, OH

Mission: Our mission is to educate and inspire pastors and leaders to recruit and involve God’s people to give and send missionaries around the world. Vision: To establish the church among all peoples everywhere through reaching, planting, training, and serving. Our priority is that everyone has a growing heartbeat for spreading the Gospel. Values: Communication, Desperation, Honor, and Excellence Opportunities: Missions: Contact Rev. Stacy Petty

Ohio Ministry Network: Ohio Youth Ministry, Columbus, OH

Mission: Reaching the teens of Ohio for Jesus Vision: To see a generation healed, whole, and forgiven Values: Communication, Desperation, Honor, and Excellence Opportunities: Youth Ministry, including spiritual and practical tools and spiritual disciplines for leadership. Contact Rev. Nate Ortiz

Ohio Ministry Network: Youth Alive, Columbus, OH

Mission: To reach the next generation in Ohio. Vision: To empower students to reach their campus, church and community. Values: We value our mission and engagement with students. Opportunities: Communications and Resourcing Missions Social Media Contact: Rev. Matt Clark

Painesville Assembly of God, Painesville, OH

Mission: We exist to connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our mission centers upon three key areas: Connect, Grow, Serve. Vision: Our vision is to reach the unreached in the Painesville/Concord area and connect them to a growing relationship with Jesus. Our desire is to meet them where they are, connect them to Jesus and His church, provide opportunities for them to grow, and help them discover their gifts so they can serve others. Values: We have nine core values which include integrity, prayer, worship, people, family, truth, discipleship, team, and mission. Opportunities: Children’s Ministry: Contact Rev. Katie Goss Worship Ministry: Contact Rev. Michael Woods

Press Church, Powell, OH

Mission: To let people know that no matter where they are (or where they think they are), it is all about moving toward Jesus Vision: To make a difference in this community by helping people embrace their identity in Christ. Values: discipleship, growth, the new person, excellence, authenticity Opportunities: Kids Ministry Production Worship Youth Ministry Contact: Pastor Sean Lee

Radiant Life Church, Wadsworth, OH

Mission: Radiant Life Church exists to bring people into a REAL RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, to see people experience LIFE CHANGE as they grow in their faith, and to impact our COMMUNITY both inside and outside the walls of the church. Vision: Plant a church every three years, develop 50 new leaders in 5 years, create content for our churches as well as for those in need of Spirit-filled curriculum, open a school of ministry, podcasts, required mission trips for staff. Values: Love, Unity, Passion, Attitude Opportunities: Graphic Design Kidmin Lead Pastoring Social media Worship/Production Youth Contact: Pastor Angel Porubsky

SEU Ohio, Marengo, OH

Mission: To shape the imagination, skills, and values of future leaders by making a Christ-centered education accessible and affordable. Vision: Provide experiential learning opportunities in a variety of flexible formats with a supportive environment to allow all students to grow academically and spiritually to discover and develop their divine design. Values: Community, Authenticity, Honor, Excellence, Integrity, Experiential learning, Compassion, Discipleship Opportunities: First-Semester Learning Experience Resident Assistant Student Leadership Roles Contact: Student Life Director Tasha Willaford

Sunbury Assembly of God, Sunbury, OH

Mission: Making disciples of Jesus by the Spirit’s power in Delaware County. Vision: In this season of the church, we are seeking to lay out infrastructure that will support what the Spirit of God is calling us to do in Delaware county in the upcoming years. Values: We are open-handed, whole-hearted, and rhythm-oriented. Opportunities: 1 of Everything (Exploratory): Contact Ashley Hadinger (1st year students) Connections/Communications: Contact Ashley Hadinger Events: Contact Ashley and Mike Hadinger Kids Ministry: Contact Mike and Ashley Hadinger Preaching/Leadership: Contact Ashley or Mike Hadinger (3rd and 4th year students only) Worship Ministry: Contact Mary Harmison

The Tavern Coffee House, Cleveland, OH

Mission: Our nonprofit coffee shop exists to bring hope to Buckeye by providing strong coffee to promote stronger careers and the strongest community. Vision: Buckeye will be the place of a new people pouring into a thriving community. Values: Community, generosity, determination, renewal Opportunity: Non-profit coffee shop: serving, building relationships, and providing support for career development workers Contact: Kenneth McQuiller

The Tree Church, Lancaster, OH

Mission: The Tree Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ through purposed relationships and relevant environments. Vision: We plan to make disciples through age-specific gatherings focused on encountering the presence of God, relationally building small groups, creating culturally relevant expressions of faith that bridge into our community, and providing accessible tools that train and prepare us to follow Jesus in our everyday lives. Values: We value the pursuit of a healthy relationship with God and each other. It is these relationships that fuel our pursuit of unity, excellence, education, purpose, creativity, sustainability, and generosity. These values undergird every decision we make as an organization. Opportunities: Children’s Ministry: Contact Danielle Disbennett Production: Contact Kenneth Burcham Worship: Contact Lauren Dubois Youth: Contact Micah Hegerle

Trinity Assembly of God, Columbus, OH

Mission: Reaching our lost and dying world for Jesus while also fulfilling their basic needs. Vision: Welcome Home–making the Bible come alive and having everyone a part of the family of God. Values: Honoring God in all aspects of our lives through excellence and integrity, restoration of the broken-hearted, outreach and compassion to our broken community, and building family and community stronger together by having fun and fellowship with our church family. Opportunities: Children’s/Student Ministry: Contact Charissa Buchanan

US Army - Ohio Army National Guard, Rickenbacker AFB, Columbus, OH

Mission: ARMY Chaplain Corps Vision: Care for the wounded, honor the fallen, and respect the living. Opportunity: Military Chaplaincy: Contact Rev. Kelsee Jordan

Victory Life Church, Stow, OH

Mission: join the story... live the story... tell the story Vision: Pointing people to Jesus who can rewrite every life story Values: encountering God, doing life together, promoting God's agenda, intentionality, servanthood, reproduction Opportunity: Children’s Ministry Leadership Contact: Rev. Jodi Keasler

Worship Anyway, Wapakoneta, OH

Mission: Unite the Church outside of the church to reach the lost through worship and collaboration in the community. Vision: 1000 Souls being discipled through a united Church Values: Unhindered worship, preaching the gospel in unlikely places, and being a beacon of hope in the dark places. Opportunities: Worship is our M.O. However, we are heavily involved in social media, marketing, street ministry, relationship building, and community involvement. Contact: Dr. Joshua Steinke

X Church, Canal Winchester, OH

Mission: Helping people get on the path to God. Vision: Reaching thousands, giving away millions. Values: The Gospel is our Priority, People are our Purpose, The Lost are our Passion, Excellence is our Presentation, Servant Leadership is our Position, Generosity is our Privilege, and Honor is our Posture. Opportunities: Student Ministry: Contact Hunter McGonigle Women’s Ministry: Contact Jessica Castles

Youngstown State Chi Alpha, Youngstown, OH

Mission: We reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace, and the world. Vision: We are a Spirit-empowered, diverse community of believers at Youngstown State University, declaring in word and lifestyle our faith in Jesus Christ, equipped to fulfill our purpose in God’s global plan. Values: Community, Creativity, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity, & Servant Leadership. Opportunities: Missions Social Media Standard Internship Worship Contact: Rev. Joe Weser

Questions about experiential learning? Contact the academic director: Mary Harmison (


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