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SEU Ohio Publishes Housing & Meal Rate for 2023-2024

by Rev. Mary Harmison, Academic Director for SEU Ohio

With the SEU Ohio relocation to Heartland Conference Retreat Center this fall, the SEU Ohio governing body negotiated new rates for undergraduate housing at Heartland and added a first-ever meal plan for students. Undergraduate tuition and fees paid to Southeastern University remain unchanged at SEU Ohio for the coming academic year and are the same for both in-person and online classes. The new rate for housing at Heartland provides a significant cost savings for students, making the addition of a meal plan even more affordable. The estimated annual cost to attend SEU Ohio for academic year 2023-2024 is as follows:

Estimated Annual Tuition and Fees for 30 credit hours (2 semesters with practicum scholarship applied) to be paid to Southeastern University: $12,904.

Housing and Meal Plan (14 meals per week) for students at Heartland Conference Retreat Center to be paid to Heartland (2 semesters): $6,400.

Total estimated cost for annual tuition, fees, and Heartland housing and meals: $19,304. (Note: Financial aid is available through Southeastern University.)

Last year's housing rate at Kenyon Square Apartments was $5,200 annually and did not include meals. Students provided their own food all year by shopping and cooking on their own or eating out. The Heartland housing plan includes the cost of utilities, internet, and using laundry facilities. The new meal plan may include meals from the Heartland cafeteria as well as prepackaged meals at locations on campus and in the dormitory pictured above. The cost per meal for the Heartland meal plan is an affordable $6, much less than most university meal plans. Additional meals beyond the meal plan will be available for purchase as needed on site.

The rates above show that an accredited and top-quality, private Christian university experience through Southeastern University at SEU Ohio remains below $20,000 per year—an incredible value that is much less expensive than other private universities as well as many publicly-funded universities in Ohio and beyond. We hope you will agree that the relocation to Heartland and the introduction of a convenient and inexpensive housing and meal plan is a win for the entire SEU Ohio FIRE family. Questions? Contact our staff here.

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