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A Second Chance to Finish Your Degree

by Rev. Mary Harmison, Academic Director for SEU Ohio

College is an investment, and sometimes life throws us curve balls that make it difficult to finish a college degree program. If that sounds like your story, you are not alone. According to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, about 1.5 million Ohioans share your situation. For those who have earned some college credit but did not complete a degree due to financial pressures, there is some good news for you.

You may be eligible for an Ohio grant program that could help you finish your degree. It is called the Second Chance Grant, and SEU Ohio is now approved to offer it to our Ohio students. If financial concerns forced you to put college on hold more than a year ago and you are considering reenrolling to finish an undergraduate degree, the Second Chance Grant may be for you.

What is the Second Chance Grant (SCG)? SCG is a $3,000 one-time grant for students who began college and disenrolled for financial reasons. It is designed to ease the financial burden of returning to college and finishing a degree.

Who is eligible? To be eligible, you must have been enrolled in a qualifying university within the last five years and disenrolled for at least two semesters. The student must be a resident of Ohio and in good academic standing with their previous institution. Once (re)admitted to SEU Ohio, the student can request the grant. This grant is for prior Southeastern University students and students formerly enrolled at other qualifying universities in Ohio and beyond. SCG is awarded to students while funding is available, so receipt of the grant may depend on the date the application is received and availability of Ohio SCG funds.

If you think you may qualify for Ohio SCG, we encourage you to reach out today. SCG can be combined with other financial aid including federal Pell grants and the Ohio College Opportunity Grant (up to $4,200 per year at SEU Ohio).

We often find people who think a college degree from a private Christian university is unaffordable, but they change their minds once we explore all the potential funding options. SEU Ohio is here to help. We want to see all Ohioans discover and develop their divine design with educational options that best suit their needs.

To get started with your next steps, reach out to Mary Harmison at

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