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Congratulations to SEU Ohio Scholarship Recipients

by Rev. Mary Harmison, Academic Director for SEU Ohio

Each semester, Southeastern University generously allots scholarship funding to the SEU Ohio regional campus based on the number of students enrolled at our campus. SEU Ohio uses enrollment scholarship funds to award the SEU Ohio scholarship to distance and local students at our campus who excel in leadership, community service, and academic excellence. This semester, SEU Ohio disbursed $10,000 in scholarship funding. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors must apply for the scholarship and submit an essay detailing their philosophy of character-based leadership to the scholarship committee.

SEU Ohio is pleased to announce five SEU Ohio scholarship recipients for spring semester:

  • Mariah Heiss, Junior studying Ministerial Leadership: Worship

  • Jeishla Manfredy Negron, Senior studying Business and Professional Leadership (not pictured above)

  • Ariana Peyton, Senior studying Ministerial Leadership: Christian Ministry

  • Michael Reed, Sophomore studying Psychology

  • Aaron Smith, Senior studying Business and Professional Leadership

Congratulations to these outstanding students. The SEU Ohio scholarship committee was impressed with their community service, dedication to servant leadership, and academic performance. We consider it a privilege to work with them and guide them in preparation for leadership roles in their current and future communities.

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