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Fall 21 Labs and Descriptions

Labs begin on September 9th and run for a total of 10 sessions, wrapping up on November 11th. 

- The Worship Performance Lab, Matt Neff

10am Capital Room

This lab is an interactive class that is a mix of teaching, discussion, worship, and real time application for vocalists, stage hosts and musicians.

Our goal is that you would come away with  a well rounded overview of a service, ministry flow, working with a team and that you above all would be a healthy leader.


Topics include:

Developing Teams

The Nashville Number System

Tips for Flowing Behind a Speaker

A Self Awareness Talk and Exercise 

The Importance of Stage Presence

- Ohio Church Multiplication Network Lab, Al Yanno

9am Powell Room

In this lab we will experience the journey of church multiplication from conception to launch and beyond.  This is a “hands on” lab in which each student will participate in activities such as assessment, demographic studies, community engagement, outreach ministry, developing a ministry plan, making disciples of Christ, Team building, leader development and much more. 

Together, the participants in this lab will assist with the planting of a new church collective right here in Columbus. They will also learn about the different styles and innovative approaches to church planting.

- Level 1 Counseling/Psychology Lab, Charlene Markarian

12pm Capital Room

Level 1 Lab will focus on how a healthy person is defined and what qualities are needed to have healthy relationships.  Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is one of the strongest predictors of successful treatment.  As a future therapist it is vital to learn healthy relationship skills, to be able to discern safe people and unhealthy relationships.  We will discuss areas of human development that affect relationships, the power of habits and traditional/current theories of counseling.

- Percussion Lab, JT Thomas

12pm Worthington Room

In the percussion lab you’ll learn about how to be an effective member of any worship team you serve on. This involves learning how to efficiently communicate with your instrument and voice to other worship team members, have a better understanding of musical flow and dynamics, how to become more present while behind the kit, and how to play more confidently with and without a click track. You’ll also learn skills like music directing and set planning so that you can add more tools to your arsenal as a worship musician.

- Video Production Lab 1, Dan Lacella

11am Powell Room

Video Lab 1 is an intro lab into the world of video production. This Lab will cover the basics of Video, Audio, and Lighting techniques. Having a knowledge in Video Production gives you the tools to take your passions and talents to a bigger audience online and expand your influence. Whether you want to make films or you want to share other passions you have to the World Wide Web, this lab is for you.

- Vocal Lab, Natalia Chase

11am Worthington Room

This lab focuses on increasing vocal power, reducing breathiness, improving range, smoothing out break areas between voices (i.e. chest, falsetto, & head voices), belting, ad libs, pitch training, vibrato, and modern vocal trends.

- Business Product and Design, Joe Deptowicz

10am Westerville Room

How are successful products and businesses created? By solving problems with critical thinking and executing solutions with excellence. In this lab, students will be challenged to create human-centered products and services. Students will grow through the application of design thinking processes, business acumen, and communication skills seen in some of the world’s most effective teams.


Your lab instructor, Joe Deptowicz, has worked with startups, non-profits, and specializes in bringing custom digital products to market. Part of this lab is to utilize his experience and connections to grow your entrepreneurial skills. Lab projects may range from moc to real-world applications, a simple t-shirt to a full product launch. If you’re interested in helping people by creating something, this lab is for you.

- Biblical Hebrew Primer, David Clayton

12pm Powell Room

This lab focuses on helping students understand the necessity of learning Biblical Hebrew for exegeting the Hebrew Bible at a deeper level. This includes the development of basic pronunciation skills, learning a limited vocabulary (100 words), some morphology skills, and utilization of Bible Software(s).

- Guitar Lab 1, David Clayton

11am Capital Room

This lab focuses on students developing the ability to comfortably play most worship songs in any key as a rhythm instrument. Students will develop proficiency within the G, C, & E, chord systems, as well as basic rhythmic strategies for live musical worship performance.

- Youth 1, Nate Ortiz

10am Powell Room

In this lab, you will learn the fundamentals of effective youth ministry. Skills such as building a team, relevant communication skills, tools to grow and scale your ministry, as well as  how to implement appropriate self care. 

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