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Housing Application

 SEU Ohio students who wish to live at Heartland Conference Retreat Center during the academic year must apply for housing each semester by submitting the housing application with a $150 application fee. The application fee is non-refundable but is counted toward your semester housing and meal plan balance as your first payment. The cost of the housing package (with 14 meals per week) is $3,200 per semester and includes utilities and laundry facilities. 

Keep in mind that while SEU Ohio students pay Southeastern University for tuition and college fees, Southeastern University does not operate Heartland Conference Retreat Center, and therefore SEU Ohio students who wish to live at Heartland will pay Heartland separately for their housing and meal plan each semester. 

Heartland Housing & Meal Plan Application Deadlines

Students must apply for housing on or before the deadlines below to be guaranteed a space in housing. 

  • Fall Semester: June 30

  • Spring Semester: November 28

After these dates, students will be assigned a space at Heartland if available on a first-come-first-served basis. Current students must pay any outstanding balances in full in order to return to housing in the subsequent semester. To check housing availability, contact Tasha Willaford.

Note: SEU Ohio students must comply with policies as outlined in the SEU Student Handbook to remain in housing at Heartland. Updated housing rules will be provided prior to move-in.

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