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Bachelor of Science in
Business and Professional Leadership

A business degree can open many doors for those looking to succeed in the fast-paced and competitive business world. Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership accomplishes that and more for students who want to enhance their career potential and understanding of effective business practices. This degree provides a combination of basic leadership theory and business managerial concepts to enable graduates to advance in their careers. It is also suitable for students wishing to start their careers in a business field where soft-skills, leadership potential, and experience are important.

Students is this program are encouraged to complete a hands-on internship each semester in business, ministry, and non-profit settings to hone their skills and customize their career preparation. The coursework can be done entirely online, which caters to working adults, or students can adopt a hybrid approach to the degree by taking some foundational core and divine design (free elective) classes at SEU Ohio.


Whether you are interested in business management, government, or nonprofit management, we will equip you with the biblical and practical principles to succeed as an effective servant leader in your career field.

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